Thames Path Challenge 2018

8th September 2018

                         WE DID IT 

Thames path challenge completed on Saturday 8th September by The bunkers hill team "MAKE A SMILE "  of 10 team members completed the 28km and 50 km. 

Simon & Carly done the 50km in record time of 7.5 hours and Liz in 8 hours. Other intrepid walkers were , Andrew ,Angela, Mark, Louise , Bev, Jan & Sally. We walked 3,900 miles between us! 

We have had lots of generous sponsors again this year which will mean we will reach our target and a little more. Donations are still coming in , the event will close on the 8th of October. 

Thank you all once again for making this a truly memorable experience.  


£5,165.23 (offline: £200)

Latest Donations

  • £240

    Carly's Family & Friends Well done Carly & the Make A Smile Team. from Family & Friends

  • £90.27

    Staff & Customers of Spalding Auction Andy, Liz, Simon and all of the Team. Well done.

  • £40

    Dave & Helen Well done Andy, Liz & all the team. What an achievement. x

  • £680

    Mark & Angela's Sponsors Well done Mark, Angela & Make A Smile Team. An amazing challenge for a very worthwhile charity. From Family,Friends & work colleagues.

  • anon

    Sarah Well done Mum and Auntie Jan.

  • £5


  • £200

    Bookpoint Limited Donation of profits from a recent book sale to support the Thames Path Challenge in memory of Jack Leaning