In Memory of Lorraine Palfrey

Memories surround us in the paintings that hang on our walls and the patchwork quilts that lay on our beds.

Our Mum.  She was a special and unique person who would do anything and everything for you.  She always said out aloud what everyone else would only dare think about.  She was so talented putting her crative hands to painting, patchwork, sewing, felting, knitting and much much more.  All those who knew her would surely agree.

We devastatingly lost Mum in January (2013) after a long battle with mental and physical health problems.  She found herself in a dark tunnel, could not find a way out and sadly took her own life.

I made a pledge on Time To Change to help raise funds and promote awareness.  This is so that others may be aware of the help that is available and hopefully prevent them following that same path that my Mum found herself on.

Promote.  I've written a piece called My Story which I am sharing on Facebook and my employer is using it in their mental health awareness campaign.

Fundraising.  We are organising several events including my personal challenge to walk coast to coast along Hadrian's Wall covering 90 miles in 4 days.

Our aim is to promote awareness and hopefully save lives because those that suffer should know that help is out there. We do not want our Mum to have died in vain.