In memory of Simon

My favourite memory of my Son Simon is how he made us laugh..even when we possibly shouldn't have!

I have made this memory space for my late son Simon Kirkman who's life was cut short in a car accident 1st April 2014. Simon suffered through his life with different aspects of mental health, anxiety/panic attacks when a young teenager and depression later in his life among other issues. Before he died, he was trying to organise a run. He planned to run across the Humber Bridge there and back ever week 6 days a week for a year for MIND. This was for his brother who has been poorly with mental health problems for a lot of years now with psychosis and paranoia which is controlled with medication. Unfortunately because of Simon's sudden death this didn't happen. We did manage collect and donate £510 from donations at his funeral to Mind. I hope we can continue to support MIND by organising fund raising events or just donating from time to time. Simon would be really proud to know at least he managed to make some money, be it in horrible circumstances. Simon left a gorgeous little 3 year old boy Jake..and broken hearted brothers, Mum and Father plus other close family memebers. His son will be able to see how caring his Father was as he grows up and able to look at this site. He will be able to see that although he was unfortunate to lose his Daddy so young, his Daddy had a good heart and was in the process of trying to do some good in the world. Even a tiny donation is very kind and DOES make a difference. So I thankyou in advance and thankyou for reading his memory space. 

Total raised: £916.25 (offline: £510)

Latest Donations

  • £95

    Grandma's funeral collection Collection from Grandma's funeral

  • £10

    Kathryn (Mum of Simon) I did the ice bucket challenge and decided my donation would come to MIND.

  • £60

    HMS Argyll From HMS Argyll ship collection. Jonathan Kirkman, Simon's brother is in the Navy and on that ship and they have kindly donated this amount.

  • anon

    Jon Kirkman

  • £5

    Ian Martin Didn't know Simon but his brother goes out with my sister and I thought I should do a little bit in his memory when I saw this on Facebook.

  • £10

    Karen and dave