Loving memory of Darren (Daz/Bone dog). Loving Son, Precious Brother, Adored Boyfriend and Loyal Soldier and Friend

The most fondest memory was going to Alton Towers in 2004. Rowing outside the car window to make it go faster.

Darren is the most amazing man I have ever met. He was so considerate, strong and so loyal to those he loved. If someone needed help he was always the first person there to lend a hand no matter how far or how difficult it was he was always there for his family and friends.

He served in the British Army as a Royal Fusilier  and then went on to serve as a Royal Marine. He was a brave soldier and protected his fellow serviceman and enjoyed what he did.

He always set himself  high challenges and always succeeded in everything he set his mind to always with the biggest smile on his face. Darren was always the heart of gatherings and the life of the party. He had such a cheeky character and always up for a laugh and making those around him laugh no matter what they were going through. He also loved being in the great outdoors and was happiest out in the wilderness with the wild animals, As we say back home in Zimbabwe, A PROPER BUSH MONKEY.

Darren will always reamin a big part  of so many lives and is loved so much.  Everybody looked up to him. Everyone who met him loved him. He will always be spoken of with all the love, respect and laughter.


Always remembered with all the love and fond memories.