"Charlotte Lloyd"

Charlotte's Mom and Dad would like to ask you to make a donation to MIND.

In the hope that this will help others to fight their demons as Charlotte fought hers.

We Miss you Charlotte, but you will always be in our hearts x x x

Total raised: £7,673.99

Latest Donations

  • £47.81

    Find Rugby Now Raised from donations at the FRN Tournament

  • £100

    billy and sarah price from Bill and Sarah

  • £1,500

    Memorial Tournament From all who donated/sponsored/attended/organised /played in the 2017 Charlotte Lloyd Memorial Tournament 2017 and the previous 3

  • £1,000

    the charlotte lloyd m Memorial Fund From the third Charlotte Lloyd memorial Tournament 2016

  • £1,000

    The Charlotte Lloyd Memorial Fund - This is from the Charlotte Lloyd Memorial Rugby Tournament

  • £50

    Smalley So sorry I can't make it tomorrow, shit lips. I'll be thinking of you all day - and very jealous to miss out on all the drinking