Help and Frequently Asked Questions

Bereavement Support

Losing someone you love can be incredibly difficult. If you’re struggling with how you’re feeling, please reach out. We are here for you.

Visit the main Mind website for further information and support about bereavement

Or call our Infoline of 0300 123 3393.

You don’t have to go through this alone.

Frequently asked questions about memory space

Setting up and managing your Memory Space

  • What is a Memory Space?

A Memory Space is your own, personal place to remember your loved one by raising money for Mind. It is free to set up and easy to use.
You might hear other charities talk about tribute funds - pages where you can raise money in honour of your loved one. Memory Space is Mind’s own tribute fund platform.

  • Who is Mind?

For nearly 75 years, Mind has worked to make mental health a priority and improve support in England and Wales. We won’t give up until everyone with a mental health problem gets support and respect. You can find loads more information on who we are and what we do online.

  • Do I have to pay any money to set up a Memory Space?

No - a Memory Space is free to set up.

  • How do I set up a Memory Space for my loved one?

It’s really easy to set up a Memory Space. Just go to the Memory Space homepage and click on ‘Create a Memory Space’. You’ll then be asked for a few details about yourself and your loved one and can personalise your page with photos and favourite memories.

  • What if I haven’t got a photo of the person I’m remembering?

Don’t worry, that’s okay. Simply choose from one of the photos already there. You can always add a photo later.

  • Do I have to give a target for raising funds on a Memory Space?

No, it’s optional to set a target. But pages with targets often raise more for their loved one. Your friends and family will want to help you reach your goal.

  • How can I tell my family and friends about my Memory Space?

When you set up a Memory Space, you will have a unique ‘URL’ (a web page link) that you can forward to friends and family. If you’re comfortable doing so, we suggest sharing your page on social media.

  • How do I change my Memory Space?

If you’d like to change any of the photos or writing that you’ve included on your page, you just need to click ‘Edit my page’ after you log in.

  • What can I add to my Memory Space once I’ve set it up?

You can add photos and stories to share with everyone. You can also set up as many fundraising events as you like, so that all of the donations in memory add up to make a grand total.

  • Can I add offline donations to my Memory Space?

Yes – just click ‘Edit my offline fundraising’ from your Account page. Then scroll towards the bottom of the form and enter your offline amount. This is a good place to include any funds raised at your loved one’s funeral.

  • Can I link fundraising from events to my Memory Space?

Yes, events can be a great way of continuing to remember your loved one through the years. And they keep people coming back to your page again and again.

Simply click on 'Create an event in memory' on the left of your page and follow the simple steps from there. This will make sure that everything you fundraise through your events is also included on your Memory Space. You’ll be able to see how much you’ve raised in total.

  • How long will my page be open?

As long as you want it to be. Unlike other tribute fund sites, Memory Space has no time-limit. This means you can revisit your fundraising year after year and continue to tell your loved one’s story.

  • How can I delete my page?

Email [email protected] and we'll to do this for you.

But remember. Deleting your page will also remove any photos and messages posted.

Perhaps consider suspending your page instead. That way, you won’t find it online but we can re-activate it if you want to revisit it in years to come. Again, please email [email protected]. We’re happy to help.

The difference you will make

  • If people make donations on my Memory Space, what percentage will reach Mind?

100%. All donations will come directly to us.

  • How will a Memory Space help people with mental health problems?

You can be confident that your fundraising will really make a difference for people living with mental health problems.

You will help us change minds, as we make mental health an everyday priority. You will help us support minds, with information, advice and local services. You will help us connect minds, as we bring together a network of unstoppable people who care about mental health.

For more on how your giving will make a difference in the coming years, please see

Donating to a Memory Space page

  • If I make a donation, can I keep the amount I give private?

Yes, when you make a donation, just tick the box to keep your donation amount private.

  • Can I leave a message or photo on someone’s memory space without giving any money?

No. To post a message to a Memory Space you will have to make a donation. This way you’ll support the page-holder in raising money in memory of their loved one. And you will also help us protect them from any unkind messages.

  • Can Gift Aid be applied to my donation?

Yes, if you are eligible for Gift Aid please tick the Gift Aid box when you make a donation.

Other ways to remember your loved one

  • How do I order funeral collection envelopes?

Please use this form. If you need envelopes urgently, please also email [email protected] and we’ll do our best to get them to you quickly.

  • How can I donate in memory if I don’t set up a Memory Space?

You can donate in memory of a loved one online at When you are invited to ‘let us know more about why you are donating today’ select ‘in memory of a loved one’. If you are comfortable sharing, we would love to know more about their story.

Alternatively, please send a cheque payable to Mind (and with a note explaining that it’s a gift in memory) to: Mind, 2 Redman Place, London, E20 1JQ.

Who can I speak to for help?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in this section, please call Mind on 020 8215 2243.