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Growing up with Kim was such a happy time (though as sisters we fought) I was lucky to have her in my life!

My name is kelly Boylin and I am trying to raise awareness to suiciide and help raise money for MIND to make mental health services better as me and my sister have both been failed by the mental health system. please come and join my team on just giving and be a part of changing the NHS mental health sector for the better

My sister Kim took her own life on may 1/2nd 2009, kim fought a long battle of mental health issues that resulted in self harm and eventually her taking her own life. Sadly there was no help for my sister, she had been on waiting lists to see a psychologist for 2 years and had given up all hope of ever being helped. My sister was the most inspirational person I know, so smart and so wise, she was studing Law and City university in London and loved every minute of it, though the pressure was hard to take for her. she was so loved by everyone who knew her and I was the luckiest little sister in the world to have such a amazing sister to look up to. My heart is in agony more and more and each day passes knowing my sister is not here anymore! 

Losing someone to suicide is the worst thing I have ever experience, and I am creating this page to try anf help raise money for mind so they can make mental health services better so they don't fail people like my sister and so it doesn't result in someone killing themselves because they weren't helped! please help me help others and speak up about suicide, share this page with everyone you know, even if we just stop atleast one person killing themselves! 

People deserve help!! 

£107.50 (offline: £75)

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    Emma Jane West Hey, as your such a good friend i thought i should donate! i know it isnt alot but im sure others will donate! Love you kelly xx

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    And wasn't she lucky to have had such a kind, caring & loving littl sister!

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    Lottie Hughes Hi Kelly, I know it's not much but I hope it at least starts the page off. Message me anytime lovely. x