Remembering Jessica Davies

Jessie was my Sparkle - she shone with light throughout her life

Jessica’s sudden death to suicide on Aug 21st 2013 at the age of 25 has completely devastated the lives of the many people who knew and loved her.

Jessica was an intelligent, beautiful, music-loving, sweet and much loved young woman. She was artistic, fun-loving, inventive & sensitive and was compassionate & cared about the world and those in it.

Jessica fought a battle that many were unaware of, and if there is one desired outcome that can be achieved through her loss, we as her family & friends would like an increased awareness, recognition & support of those who battle enduring mental health difficulties.

It is our belief Jess would firmly wish this too and we aim to do everything we possibly can to remember her and ensure that her short life makes a difference to others.

Jessica, from a Hebrew derivation, means "foresight" or the ability to see the potential in the future, and it is this quality Jess was able to inspire in others; knowing her made the world a brighter place.

I thank you for your generosity and support to this cause.

Total raised: £27,624.74 (offline: £100)

Latest Donations

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    TG Respect to you all. I went to school with Jess, it's inspiring how you're embracing her legacy x

  • £5

    Jenny This really touched me that you've set up these events..I feel I wouldn't be remembered either, so I think what you've done is just amazing

  • £5

    Laura Robinson I used to go to primary school with Jess she was a lovely girl. This is such a brilliant idea for a great cause and in Jess’ memory xx

  • £10

    Cockey I think I know the kind of pain the poor thing must have been in. It is not something anyone should have to try and cope with alone. RIP xx

  • anon

  • £10

    Ian W Good luck Jamie!